Under the Patronage of

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai

The Annual Investment Meeting (AIM), an initiative from the UAE Ministry of Economy of the United Arab Emirates, will be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre. It is the World’s leading Investment-focused event to offer a perfect blend of trade fair and intellectual features aimed at enriching institutional, corporate and individual investors attending with a comprehensive set of guidelines for their future investment decisions in high growth regions.

The Annual Investment Meeting has, for almost a decade from its inception, reached significant milestones that have mostly benefited emerging world economies. An important feature of the Annual Investment Meeting is AIM Investment Awards. This initiative was launched for the first time at AIM 2013 and has become a widely appreciated recognition of the best investment promotion agencies (IPAs) attracting the best investment project in a given year. At the Gala Dinner of the Annual Investment Meeting 2020, selected IPAs will be granted AIM Investment Awards. It is planned to award 9 regions globally as follows:


  • Latin America & The Caribbean
  • Middle-East and North Africa
  • West and Central Africa
  • East Africa
  • Southern Africa
  • Central Asia, Caucasus & Russia
  • South, East Asia and Oceania
  • Eastern Europe & Turkey
  • Europe

Selection Criteria:

To evaluate the short-listed projects a panel of up to 9 international experts should be formed, possibly with 1 expert for each of the 9 growing regions of the world. Experts will be asked to evaluate each of the short-listed projects using the below criteria and the evaluation based on the weighing percentage per criteria, recommend the overall best investment project.

CriteriaScoring Percentage
Investment Size (scoring weightage 10%)
Trade Balance Effects (scoring weightage 10%)
Knowledge Transfer (scoring weightage 20%)
Investor Servicing Process (scoring weightage 20%)
Sustainability And Local Linkages (scoring weightage 20%)
Impact of Digitalization on FDI Attraction (scoring weightage 20%)


  • The Winner IPA will be honored during the official Gala Dinner by the UAE Minister of Economy.
  • Comprehensive Promotion and Marketing for the Winner IPA through AIM Social Media.
  • 1 Free Advertisement in AIM 2020 e-Exhibition Catalogue.
  • Coverage in AIM 2020 Post Show Report.
  • Waiver of the Registration Fees for the Head of the Organization or the respective Representative for FDI Pillar.
  • Free Access to all AIM FDI Pillars: Conference, Exhibition, Training Workshop and Gala dinner.
  • The Annual Investment Meeting will make the necessary steps for the granting of Visas for all the Country Delegation attending AIM.


Andreas Dressler
Managing Director
Andreas Dressler has been active in foreign direct investment (FDI) for over 20 years. He is the founder and managing director of FDI Center, an advisory company that works with countries, regions, cities...
Andrew Clutz
Director, Corporate Investment & Analytics
Andrew has more than 25 years of experience advising investment promotion agencies and special economic zones around the world on investment attraction strategy and implementation, including many in the Caribbean/Latin America, the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa.
Bostjan Skalar
Chief Executive Officer
Bostjan Skalar is a Slovenian citizen born in Ljubljana and is currently serving as an Executive Director - CEO of World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies. WAIPA is the umbrella organization of worldwide investment promotion agencies established in 1995 in Geneva under auspices of UNCTAD.
David East
Head of FDI and Economic Products
Highly accomplished, dynamic and experienced cross-border investment professional, with over 18 years’ experience gained in the industry working with large multinationals, leading consultants, multilateral organisations, government investment promotion agencies and academic institutions globally.
Zoë Harries
Managing Director
With a background in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Special Economic Zones (SEZs) Advisory, Zoë Harries is the founder of Impact Zones, a boutique foreign trade and investment advisory firm specializing in sustainable SEZ development.