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Innovation & Technology Track

As new dynamics are starting to dominate economies, it is now imperative more than ever for investors to think of appropriate actions that will have the most impact on the future. The AIM Congress 2024 will bring together industry experts and professionals to explore the utilization of cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain technology, AI and machine learning, fintech innovations, and digital money like cryptocurrencies in advancing financial inclusivity, stability, and sustainability.

Under the theme of “Digitalization and the Transformation of the Global Macro-Financial Landscape and Digital Money,” the Forum will represent a paradigm shift in a way financial systems financial systems operate, impacting economies, businesses, and individuals worldwide. Through a series of keynote speeches and panel discussions, participants will discuss the opportunities, risks and challenges associated with implementing these technologies in the financial sector to develop a sustainable future.

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The Future Finance Forum Track 2024 will offer insights into how the financial industry is evolving, the transformative potential of digital money, and its impact on the global economy. It will provide valuable networking opportunities and foster collaboration and partnerships among attendees and other stakeholders in the finance industry as well.


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