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Economic Fallout of Covid 19 on Female Founders | Accelerating Technologies during Time of Crisis.

Date: 29-Jun-2020
Time:: 12 PM (UAE Standard Time GMT +4)
Duration:: 1 hour 30 mins

Economic Fallout of Covid 19 on Female Founders | Accelerating Technologies during Time of Crisis

This webinar will include two formats: Fireside Chat and a Panel Discussion.

This session will include a Fireside Chat with Christine Tsai, CEO and Founding Partner of 500 Startups. And, will discuss the following:
- Impact of Covid-19 on female founders, Investments, and Recruitment. 

Panel Discussion: This session will focus on the following:
- Accelerating Technologies during Pandemic.
- Pivoting Business Models
- Role of AI & Machine learning and its capability to transform Start-Up productivity.

Shaloo Garg
Managing Director, Microsoft for Startups of Microsoft

Shaloo Garg is currently Managing Director, Silicon Valley, Southwest region for Microsoft for Startups. She brings a combination of strong startup, enterprise, strategic partnership and corporate development experience. Previously, Shaloo was at Oracle at Global Oracle Innovation where she lead the Global Corporate Innovation practice of commercializing revenue opportunities for startups into the enterprise client base and partner ecosystem.

Christine Tsai
CEO & Founding Partner of 500 Startups

Christine is the CEO & Founding Partner of 500 Startups. She grew 500 Startups to over $500M committed capital, 2,300+ portfolio investments, 100+ team members, 25 accelerator batches, & a vibrant community of founders spanning more than 75 countries around the world.

Sahiqa Bennett
CEO & Co-Founder of Mediscreen

In 2018 we launched Searchie, helping employers virtually interview anyone, helping reduce unconscious bias and increasing diversity during the process. Mediscreen was launched during the pandemic in order to help out with the Covid-19 Crisis.

Dr. Ayesha Khanna
Co-Founder and CEO of ADDO AI

Dr. Ayesha Khanna is Co-Founder and CEO of ADDO AI, an artificial intelligence (AI) solutions firm and incubator. She has been a strategic advisor on artificial intelligence, smart cities and fintech to leading corporations and governments.

Fadi Hindi
Founder and CEO of Algofy.ai, Senior Partner of Xische's DigitAI

A strategic leader, digital innovator andexponential tech transformational leader, Fadi Hindi is the founder and CEO of Algofy.ai, and co-founder and senior partner of Xische & Co.’s DigitAI, a company specialized in implementing exponential technologies, helping government entities and corporates prepare for Industry 4.0.

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