Ukrainian Business Association

The Ukrainian Business Association was founded in January 2015 as a non-profit organization aimed at uniting the business community to promotion of transparent and fair way of doing business in Ukraine. We are united with the single vision and desire – to create an independent, transparent and powerful business community that will become a leader of Ukraine transformation into respected, successful and investment attractive country.

In order to promote transparent business environment in Ukraine and creation of an independent source of reliable data for international investors Ukrainian Business Association in cooperation with the oldest Ukrainian business oriented newspaper “Business” and in a consortium with Reputation Capital Group | Reputation Institute Associate in Ukraine create – Ukrainian Business Reputation Barometer. The basis of the project will measure, improve and protect the Business Reputation of the 100 Ukrainian Most Promising Companies with Export Potential.

The Declaration of the Ukrainian Business Association

We refuse to compete with each other in favor of cooperation and our mutual goal – to build fair and responsible business community in Ukraine. We gathered here to create a New Economic Paradigm within Ukraine. Moreover, each of us feels himself a shareholder of Ukraine – so we will focus our mutual efforts on capitalization of all country’s assets – first of all, human capital.

We believe in successful Ukraine, as well as Ukrainians – as a nation of clever and happy people, the nation of creators and masters.

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