Russian National Investment Association

The National Investment Association of Russia unites investment and innovation companies, has long-term contacts with global and Russian investors, promotes strengthening of relations with business and investment community, attraction of investments and business development.
The National Investment Association was created by representatives of the business community as a platform for investors and business representatives. The association provides support to investors in the implementation of their investment projects, as well as assisting project initiators in fund raising.
The National Investment Association of Russia:
  • organizes financing:
- private and state investments,
- preferential crediting,
- obtaining bank and state guarantees for projects
  • Directions: business expansion, production modernization, implementation of new technologies, creation of innovations, purchase of new equipment, replenishment of current assets, introduction of digital and technology solutions, etc.
  • Branches: industry, agriculture, infrastructure, power, telecommunications, medicine, IT & Digital, biotechnologies and recycling, mining, etc.
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