Chamber of Exporters of Costa Rica (CADEXCO)

The Chamber of Exporters of Costa Rica (CADEXCO) was established in 1981, as an initiative to reunite businessmen from the exports sector to develop strategies regarding topics that affect the exporters’ competitiveness.

More than 300 exporting companies integrate the Chamber; whose members represent around 70% of Costa Rica’s total exports. The sector is made up by 2.392 exporting companies and we export more than 4.300 different products to 150 countriesaround the world, according to PROCOMER’s foreign trade statistics for 2016.

Among CADEXCO’s members there are also other sectorial chambers that join us to support the representativeness and access we have with government institutions.

With 36 years of experience, CADEXCO constantly pursues better conditions to support different subsectors, as well as their growth and competitiveness levels.

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