Arab-Brazil Chamber of Commerce

The Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce has been operating for 65 years, with the mission of fostering economic, cultural and touristic exchanges between Brazilians and Arabs; over the years the Chamber has been playing a key role towards the development of the relations between both peoples.

Our objective is to consolidate and expand all partnerships, thus generating opportunities and mainly ,bringing Brazilians and Arabs close together, acting as facilitators of the flow of knowledge and information between them.

As a member of the Union of Arab Chambers, the Arab Chamber is acknowledged for its credibility as well as its important work as the only legitimate representative in Brazil of the commercial interests of the countries belonging to the League of the Arab States (an institution that congregates the independent countries that have Arabic as their official language).

With a modern structure, the team is focused on helping companies and generating relevant market information, such as: business opportunities, economic indicators, sectorial data from various segments and definition of the main needs found in the Arab and Brazilian markets.

The Arab-Brazilian Chamber is the fastest and safest way to find out about new markets and do business.

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