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Kumar Ritesh

Founder & CEO

CYFIRMA Chairman and CEO, Kumar Ritesh, has 2+ decades of global cybersecurity leadership experience across all facets of the cybersecurity industry. 

He spent the first half of his career as the head of cyber intelligence of a national agency, gaining first-hand cyber threats and risks insights on a global scale before transiting into the commercial arena as a senior executive for multi-national corporations IBM and PwC. Before founding CYFIRMA, Ritesh was also the global cybersecurity leader (CISO) for one of the world’s largest mining companies, BHP Billiton. 

A highly dynamic executive who successfully blends technology expertise with business acumen, Ritesh has a strong track record of developing successful cybersecurity strategies, products, policies, standards, and solutions, in addition to running complex cybersecurity programs.

He has developed prototypes for data loss prevention, social profile risk assessment, web content assessment management, intelligence-led cyber risk management, and adaptive cyberthreat intelligence tools. Ritesh is also the co-inventor of two patented technologies for phishing fraud detection and protocol-aware PCB architectures.

Through his blogs and public speaking engagements, Kumar educates companies on cyber security risks, solutions, and trends.


Headquartered in Singapore and Tokyo, CYFIRMA is a leading threat discovery and cybersecurity platform company. Its cloud-based AI and ML-powered cyber intelligence analytics platform helps organizations proactively identify potential threats at the planning stage of cyberattacks, offers deep insights into their cyber landscape, and amplifies preparedness by keeping the organization's cybersecurity posture up-to-date, resilient, and ready against upcoming attacks.

Sessions of the speaker



11:20 - 12:30

The world wasn’t ready for this pandemic. COVID has persuaded many businesses to accelerate and adopt digitalization. Rapid digitalization comes with increased risk of cyber-attacks. A cyber pandemic could have a similar or far greater impact on the world than COVID. It’s definitely important to re-evaluate policies and regulations and prepare and anticipate for future cyber-attacks. This session will highlight: 

  • Evaluating global privacy regulations and policies. 

  • Preparing and anticipating for next wave 

  • Strengthening global cooperation for digital trust and security and building skills for the digital future

Marta Piekarska
Director of Ecosystem
Dr. Erdal Ozkaya
Regional Chief Information Security Officer, Managing Director
Standard Chartered Bank
Kumar Ritesh
Founder & CEO
Session Chair:
Stefan Ludwig
Chief Cybersecurity Officer
Siemens Financial Services