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His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

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Fadi Hindi

Founder and CEO of Algofy.ai, Senior Partner of Xische's DigitAI
Algofy.ai & Xische's DigitAI

A strategic leader, digital innovator andexponential tech transformational leader, Fadi Hindi is the founder and CEO of Algofy.ai, and co-founder and senior partner of Xische & Co.’s DigitAI, a company specialized in implementing exponential technologies, helping government entities and corporates prepare for Industry 4.0.

With over 30 years’ international experience reinventing organizations and working in C-Suite for governments and global brands, including Pfizer, Bank of America, Takaful Emarat, DEWA, Smart Dubai, Dubai Customs, and Dubai Government, Fadi Hindi was first inspired by emerging technology in the 90’s, working in University labs on artificial intelligence, robotics and rovers for the Mars mission. In 2016 Fadi co-authored the Dubai blockchain strategy towards a paperless Government in collaboration with Dubai Future Foundation.

Known for driving organizational culture shifts and designing and implementing innovation agendas, Fadi has many success stories including leading the only company in Dubai holding the ISO65000 certification.

An international keynote speaker, Fadi speaks on emerging technology, leadership and how to build organizations that are prepared for a future of disruption. When he’s not listening to music, inspired by art or tinkering with engines in his garage, Fadi is a board member at Xische & Co., a boutique strategy consultancy, and Addenda Ltd., where he works closely with the cofounders to develop to make their company the fastest growing blockchain insurer in the Middle East.

Specialist in innovation management, data, robotics, fintech, blockchain, digital transformation, strategic operations planning & execution, marketing / brand management, strategic partnerships, culture transformation, and analytics.

Sessions of the speaker



12:05 - 13:00

- Role of AI & Machine learning and its capability to transform Start-Up productivity.
- 40% of European Start-Ups classify themselves as AI Start-ups, but they don’t exploit AI. How does this affect the Investors in investing in Start-Up?
- However, other AI StartUps are successful and are able to gain momentum and raise money as well. And, easily get acquired by major players in the industry. 

12:05 - 12:10
12:10 - 12:55

Panel Discussion

Saman Farid
Partner & Head of US Team
Baidu Ventures
Hans Henrik Christensen
Vice President
Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority – Dtec
Jean-Luc Scherer
Founder and CEO
Harvey Bennett
Fadi Hindi
Founder and CEO of Algofy.ai, Senior Partner of Xische's DigitAI
Algofy.ai & Xische's DigitAI

12:55 - 13:00