Under the Patronage of

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai

AIM offers to its sponsors a special and comprehensive package of benefits that varies from speaking opportunities at the Opening Ceremony or at one of the main conference panels, exhibition space to promote business and meet potential investors, a pre-organized high level business meetings, in addition to a comprehensive marketing and advertising campaign to get full exposure to the investment world.


FDI Leader

Supporting investment in the FDI field in specific. And supporting all activities of AIM under the FDI pillar.

SME Leader

Supporting investment in the SME field in specific. And supporting all activities of AIM under the SME pillar.

Start-up Leader

Supporting investment in the Start-Up field in specific. And supporting all activities of AIM under the Start-Up pillar.

FPI Leader

Supporting investment in the FPI field in specific. And supporting all activities of AIM under the FPI pillar.

Future Cities Leader

Supporting investment in the smart cities solutions field in specific. And supporting all activities of AIM under the Future Cities pillar.

Belt & Road Leader

Supporting investment in the Belt & Road Initiative in specific. And supporting all activities of AIM related to the Belt & Road special event for the Chinese.

Highlighted Activities

  • Exhibition
  • Conference
  • Investors’ Hub
  • B2B Lounge
  • Ministers’ Lounge
  • Workshops
  • Roundtables
  • Gala Dinner
  • Networking Breakfast
  • Lunch and Special Dinner
  • Investment Destinations
  • SME Pitch Competition
  • Conglomerate Presentations
  • Chinese Business Forum
  • Start-up Roadshows
  • Start-up Pitch Competition
  • Regional Focus Sessions
  • Open Business Forums
  • AIM Investment Reports
  • AIM International Awards
  • AIM CSR Activities


Investors Hub: Representatives of top Investment houses, investment corporations, development banks, sovereign wealth funds and portfolio investors meet with official government envoys in a formal and secured setting facilitating the formation of investment partnership and collaboration.

Ministers’ Lounge: High level meetings between government officials to confidentially discuss beneficial cooperation agreements and explore investments partnerships.

B2B Lounge: A special B2B lounge for key decision makers and industry leaders to discuss beneficial investment opportunities and grow in emerging markets and new sectors.


Investment Destinations: A session in which countries pitch their projects and provide their incentives among others.

SME Pitch Competition Hub: The winners of the start-up roadshows and selected start-ups from AIM online portal will be offered an opportunity to pitch their start-up business before a panel of experts to compete for cash prizes, mentorship and increase their potential to receive funding for their businesses.

Visit SME Pitch Competition

Start Up Pitch Hub: A special B2B lounge for key decision makers and industry leaders to discuss beneficial investment opportunities and grow in emerging markets and new sectors.

Visit National Champions Pitch Competition


Gala Dinner Attended by 2000 VIP guests to network in a less formal setup and maintain relationships developed during the three-day event.

Networking Breakfast, Lunch and Special Dinner Providing more opportunities to network in a relaxed setup.


AIM Conference Special Session: AIM 2020 will feature a conference under each of its pillars, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Start-ups, Future Cities, Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and Foreign Portfolio Investment.

In addition to the mentioned pillars a special stage is open dedicated to the one road one belt initiative by the Chinese government. A 1 hr slot is provided for sponsors to create their own program under any of the pillars in collaboration with AIM conference producer.

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Regional Focus Sessions: Regional Focus Investment sessions will feature dedicated sessions with three continents in focus Latin America, Africa, and Asia.


  • Opportunities and challenges in respective continents
  • Inter-regulations between countries
  • Market size
  • Investments potential
  • Facilities and incentives offered

Open Business Forums: This feature will help investors to have open discussions about the investment opportunities in Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America. The Open Business Forums will have three sessions, mainly Middle East – Africa, Middle East – Asia and Middle East – Latin America. These discussions will benefit private sector CEOs who seek to connect with businessmen from different regions and to have open discussions about investment opportunities in different sectors.


Start-up Supporters: Established companies supporting start-ups of their industry to have a complimentary stand at AIM Exhibition to showcase their products and services.


The Belt & Road: A platform to unravel huge and viable investment opportunities within the Belt and Road Initiative by presenting Belt & Road projects.

The Belt and Road run through the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa, connecting the vibrant East Asian economic circle at one end with the developed European economic circle at the other. The Belt and Road is expected to include some 65 countries, 4.4 billion people and about 40 percent of global GDP.

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Investment Awards: This award is for Investment Promotion Agencies which make outstanding contribution to promoting and securing investments in particular destination.

Investor Awards: Individuals, corporations, organisations and government institutions to economic, trade, and development projects in various regions, countries, cities, and municipalities are considered in this category.

Future Cities Awards: Smart city solutions provider will be recognised for their brilliant ideas that are aligned to achieve increased operational efficiency and productivity, sustainability, and economic growth.

SME Awards: SMEs who have contributed to the nation’s growth through generation of more jobs, by fostering innovation, and for inspiring SMEs around the globe with their impressive entrepreneurial skills will be honoured under this category.

Start-ups Awards: Start-ups will be honoured for their innovative business model and brilliant application of technology for their business. This provides a unique opportunity for start-up awardees to be recognised further by AIM.


SDG RUN: AIM is organising races covering distance of 3km run, walk and sprint. With famous celebrities ,government officials and top investors among the participants to raise funding and support the least developed countries in collaboration with a UN body.

AIM World Cup: A football World cup to raise funds towards organizing capacitybuilding workshops in least developed countries. The two-day friendly match will bring investors, professional players, and football enthusiasts together for a noble cause.


Pre-Conference Workshops: AIM 2020 will feature workshops under each of its pillars, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Start-ups, Future Cities, Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and Foreign Portfolio Investment.

Investment Roundtables: A select of 10 companies from four sectors infrastructure, energy, hospitality and agriculture, meet on an open discussion table with 10 government officials from Africa, Asia, Latin America. These are Chaired by International Organizations representatives to facilitate cooperation between investors and the countries they invest in. The session is regulated by a neutral party of executive secretaries or representatives from international organisations.

Conglomerate Presentations: This session offers mentoring and key knowledge on a conglomerate investment module addressed to participating Countries, Startups and Small and Medium Scale Enterprises by a sponsoring conglomerate with a special mentoring to Startups.


Official Banking Partner: AIM participants are always on the lookout for a trusted banking partner to manage their investments and all their national and international transactions.

AIM Annual Report Sponsor: AIM will have an exclusive unveiling of three major economic reports by UN Economic Commissions for Africa, Asia and Latin America. The reports that focus on economic status of Africa, Asia and Latin America, will provide investors with first-hand information about emerging markets in each region. Each report, which explains volume of trade, export percentage etc of SMEs and Startups in emerging markets, will have findings of each continent in attracting and achieving investments under 5 Pillars of AIM 2020 – FDI, SMEs, Future Cities, Start-ups and FPI.

AIM App Official Sponsor: With AIM focusing on sustainability and turning paperless all the event information will be available for AIM attendees on the AIM Official App.

About AIM Sponsors and Partners


Covering the economy’s most influential sectors and under AIM five main pillars, the exhibition floor will feature Countries, local and international Capital Markets, Smart City Solution Providers, Start-ups, SMEs, and Global Infrastructure Companies involved in the Belt and Road initiative.

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