Under the Patronage of

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai


Conferences, Workshops, Regional Focus Sessions, Regional Open Economy Forum, AIM Investment Report are among key learning platforms at Annual Investment Meeting, where the participants learn more about the investment trends and opportunities from across the globe.


Local and international participants can showcase their industry innovations, services under five categories Exhibition, Investment Destinations, Startup Pitch Competition, Startup Roadshows, Conglomerate Investment Presentations at the Annual Investment Meeting.


Networking is key to boosting development and Annual Investment Meeting offers dedicated lounges and dinners for key stakeholders in investment sector including high-profile government officials and investors.


Exclusive investors sessions are backbone of Annual Investment Meeting, and they offer investment houses, countries, including individuals and finance houses, to discuss beneficial investment avenues and cooperation to leverage their investment opportunities.


Two fundraising activities AIM SDG Run and AIM Investment World Cup will be held in participation with World Investment Promotion Agencies and local community to create a spirit of camaraderie among participants, and help least developed countries.



A platform where brilliant ideas, best practices, and ideal business-friendly policies are shared with participants. This conference is scheduled to take place from 24th – 26th March 2020. And, under this feature is the Plenary Sessions where investment expert’s will discuss how to transition your economy and benefit from the economic gains of sustainable foreign direct investment by presenting viable investment opportunities in your country, city or municipality challenges.


Participants will be given access to attend 2 world-class pre-conference workshops on the 23rd March, 2020. Professional coaching sessions will be conducted by industry leaders from across the world.

Regional Focus Session

A series of regional talks analysing a featured region’s economic landscape, discussing each nation’s risks and challenges, and opportunities to grow through regional cooperation.

Regional Open Economy Forum

Participating regions can discuss investment opportunities as well as explore trade opportunities that will be mutually beneficial to both regions.

Grand Opening Ceremony

AIM Grand Opening Ceremony is a prelude to knowledge-based activities over the duration of three days where speakers will share expert knowledge on selected topics and participants can nurture old network and or build a new one.



Local and international exhibitors feature their industry projects and services aimed at achieving economic growth for their country and region. The AIM 2020 Exhibition will feature countries, smart city solution providers, start-up companies aiming for global operations, SMEs seeking operational expansion, feasible projects for portfolio investors, and investment opportunities within the Belt and Road Initiative.

Investment Destination

Provides municipalities, cities, and countries an ideal platform to promote investment opportunities at their location. This feature will also allow each of AIM’s five pillars a global and competitive platform where their sector can be promoted to investors onsite. This feature will accommodate at least 16 country presentations.

Conglomerate Investments Presentation

Large multi-industry groups will present their investment roadmap and key sectors of interest to an impressive roster of AIM investment promotion agencies, SMEs, government officials who are keen in making sustainable investment in their countries.


B2B, G2B, & G2G meetings

High-level meetings between and among government officials, and with the private sector will be held in a secured environment.

Gala Dinner

A celebratory and festive event attended by thousands of guests and delegates who also maximise the opportunity to network and promote their investment agenda. The evening will also hold the Investment Awards and Investor Awards for their excellence in the promotion of sustainable investments.

High-Level Networking Lunch

A strategic networking lunch for senior high-level government representatives, top-tier officials from the private sector, renowned individuals from the academia, and social luminaries. This allows participants to meet, network, and build business relations.

Exclusive Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Participants can continue expanding their network during sponsored breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or can simply reconnect with old contacts in a very relaxed and casual environment.


Investors’ Hub

Investors’ Hub Representatives of top investment houses, investment corporations, development banks, sovereign wealth funds and portfolio investors meet with official government envoys in a formal and secured setting conducive to the formation of investment partnership and collaboration.

Investment Roundtables

Groups of country, city or municipal representatives will be invited to present their projects and investment opportunities in a set up that allows them to meet as many investors onsite.


Investment Awards

AIM recognises the stellar contributors of Investment Promotion Agencies in promoting and securing investment for a particular location. Investment Awards are given to investments made to regions and countries that have resulted to significant economic growth, providing improved quality of life to people.

Investors Awards

AIM honours significant investments made my individuals, corporations, organisations and government institutions to economic, trade, and development projects in various regions, countries, cities, and municipalities.


Sports & Culture

Rapport-building activities- Fun Run, AIM World Cup, Dubai Opera, and Culture and Heritage Attractions, will be held prior to the event proper to create a spirit of camaraderie among participants and appreciation of other culture and tradition.

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