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AIM World Investment Map

AIM will launch online World Investment Map that provides information about investment destinations worldwide, targeted sectors and projects, contact points, and will be connected with the IPA websites in every country. To create an account, email
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Project Tank

AIM Project Tank is an online platform that allows Government or Private Project Owners/Stakeholders and Startups to upload their project ideas for potential investors to view. It stimulates investment and project financing in sustainable business ventures and building conclusive partnerships.

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AIM Mobile App

An online tool that enables one to stay connected with Investors, Investment Promotion Agencies and Project Owners all year round. The app will show who will be at the event and allows one to connect with them through private messaging. It helps people plan and schedule meetings for AIM. During the event, it helps to navigate the exhibition halls and give live updates about the agenda, speakers, attendees, investors, exhibitors, sponsors, and all event features.
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Meet the FDI Experts

This is an online feature that will enable people to book meetings with global FDI experts participating in AIM. This will give interested parties access to select international consultancy firms specialized in marketing countries and locations and having great expertise and capabilities in important topics such as international lead generation, FDI strategy development, business expansion management or marketing and media support.

During the event itself, registered country representatives, investment promotion officials and delegates in general will have the opportunity to meet, direct questions and seek guidance on specific issues of concern to them in the conduct of their business to highly professional investment experts.

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