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The Annual Investment Meeting produces a world-class investment conference with a faculty of topnotch global experts, renowned academics, and seasoned practitioners to enlighten AIM audiences with current investment trends in an ever-changing world of FDI.

The ninth edition of the Annual Investment Meeting had the theme “Mapping the Future of FDI: Enriching World Economies through Digital Globalization”. AIM 2019 Conference gathered more than 100 influential FDI thinkers and renowned experts offering participants the latest investment intelligence, trends and updates.


The Conference explored key global investment issues in the limelight Global Leaders Debate as well as the rich plenary sessions. This year, AIM has also held the Invest in Series – regional discussions on Latin America and Africa.

Business leaders, senior public officials, heads of international institutions and academia representing major stakeholders of the international investment community were invited to take part in this important inaugural session of the Annual Investment Meeting.

Plenary Sessions

Global Leaders Debate - Part 1

Global Leaders Debate - Part 2

Session 2 - Blockchain, Big Data & AI: Foreseeing the Impact of Digital Economies

Session 3 - Countering the Global Rise of Protectionism Policies for Sustainable Growth

Session 4 - Investment Promotion Agency Roundtable: Attracting Investments in the 4.0 World

Session 5 - Investors Debate: Investing for Change

Session 6 - Family Office Roundtable: Investing in the Future

Session 7 - Small and Medium Enterprise Focus: Strengthening SMEs in a Digitalized World

Session 8 - FDI and Human Capital: The Evolution of Workforce in a Digitally Globalized World

Session 9 - Regional Focus: Withstanding Headwinds in the Foreign Direct Investment Market

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