UAE Participates in the 2017 Web Summit

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The UAE Ministry of Economy (MOE) in coordination with the UAE SME Council and the AIM Organizing Committee participated in the 2017 Web Summit held in Lisbon, Portugal. As one of the largest technology conferences in the world, Web Summit gathered more than 60,000 professionals and discussed in its more than 20 conference topics about digitalization and tech dynamics, and the great promises they hold for the society.

H.E. Abdullah bin Ahmed Al Saleh, Undersecretary of Foreign Trade at MOE led a powerful delegation of 40 representatives from the UAE government, investors, businessmen, and startups.

The innovation-bound event is a platform to enhance the awareness of UAE entrepreneurs about global innovation trends and showcase the most promising startups from UAE. It created lots of networking opportunities for the UAE delegation in a multinational environment, including the opportunity to meet with Portugal Ministry of Economy H.E. Manuel Caldeira Cabral.