AIM gathers together investors and investees in a most conducive platform where projects under Belt and Road Initiative can be presented and investment partnership and collaboration can be formed.

One Belt, One Road Business Cooperation Forum will invite investment experts to share insights and exchange ideas on the most bankable BRI opportunities and sustainability of investments.

A platform to unravel huge and viable investment opportunities within the Belt and Road Initiative by presenting Belt & Road projects mostly to GCC investors.

Exhibitors feature their industry projects and services aimed at achieving economic growth for their country and region. AIM 2020 Exhibition will feature countries, smart city solution providers, startup companies aiming for global operations, SMEs seeking operational expansion, and feasible projects for portfolio investors.

Private companies can highlight their business solutions and services to an impressive roster of regional and international investors.

High-level meetings between and among government officials, and with the private sector will be held in a secured environment.

A celebratory and festive event attended by thousands of guests and delegates who also maximize the opportunity to network and promote their investment agenda. The evening will also hold the Investment Awards and Investor Awards for their excellence in the promotion of sustainable investments.

A strategic networking lunch for senior high-level government representatives, top-tier officials from the private sector, renowned individuals from the academia, and social luminaries. This allows participants to meet, network, and build business relations.

Participants can continue expanding their network during sponsored breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or can simply reconnect with old contacts in a very relaxed and casual environment.

Representatives of top investment houses, investment corporations, development banks, sovereign wealth funds and portfolio investors meet with official government envoys in a formal and secured setting conducive to the formation of investment partnership and collaboration.

Groups of country, city or municipal representatives will be invited to present their projects and investment opportunities in a set up that allows them to meet as many investors onsite.

AIM recognizes the stellar contributors of Investment Promotion Agencies in promoting and securing investment for a particular location. Investment Awards are given to investments made to regions and countries that have resulted to significant economic growth, providing improved quality of life to people.

AIM honours significant investments made my individuals, corporations, organizations and government institutions to economic, trade, and development projects in various regions, countries, cities, and municipalities.

AIM Grand Opening Ceremony is a prelude to knowledge-based activities over the duration of three days where speakers will share

Rapport-building activities- Fun Run, AIM World Cup, Dubai Opera, and Culture and Heritage Attractions, will be held prior to the event proper to create a spirit of camaraderie among participants and appreciation of other culture and tradition.